(Los Angeles, CA) You may not know his name, but you’ve definitely heard the voice. Jim Ward is a top voice talent for animated films, cartoon programs, radio talk shows and video games. An impressionist extraordinaire, his penchant for absurd comedy bits, impressions and political satire make Jim a favorite with producers and the public. Fans particularly enjoy his appearances as “The Voice Deity” on the nationally syndicated radio program, “The Stephanie Miller Show.” And Jim is thrilled and honored to have won his first Emmy – the 2009 Daytime Emmy for his performance as the Crusher in “Biker Mice from Mars.”

Jim Ward has been having a love affair with the microphone since he got his first tape recorder at the age of 14. Asked how the industry has changed over the years, Jim says, “One annoying trend in animation over the past few years has been the explosion of celebrities being brought into theatrical animation at considerable expense, leaving a smaller pie to be divided by ordinary working voice actors.” But there’s a silver lining, says Jim. “The upside is, when a video game based on the animated film is cast, the celebrity in question is often not available, and the producers start looking for people to voice-match the character.”

Jim’s political impressions are hilarious! But a new administration always presents challenges. [the new administration has clearly not been a challenge.]

Asked about his dream role, Jim says, “If there were a Batman/Get Smart-esque TV series featuring a super-villain called, oh, I dunno, “The Chameleon”where I would play multiple characters, that would be pretty cool.”

About Jim Ward: Jim has appeared in various local L.A. theater productions since the eighties. Jim’s most prolific professional activity has been providing character voices for video games, including the Ratchet & Clank and Star Wars series. He also has voiced numerous characters for animated films and TV series, such as Ben 10, The Fairly Oddparents, and Wolverine & The X-Men. His recent work includes miscellaneous voices in the Pixar movie WALL-E and the role of Al Gore in an episode of the PBS cartoon series Click and Clack.

Jim has also landed some roles in front of the camera, making guest appearances in the TV series Becker, According to Jim, Alias, and ER, among others. Jim most recently starred in “Ratchet & Clank, the Movie” 2016, reprising his role as Captain Qwark from the popular video game series and was featured in the film, “I Know That Voice” (2013). His most widely seen movie appearance was as the Project Coordinator in Spiderman, though his screen time was kept brief by a spectacular demise.
Written by Steve Young, contributor to the Huffington Post and author of “Great Failures of the Extremely Successful”

I have the pleasure of listening to you in the morning on my 2-ish hour long commute, and there’s a thing you do… when you go into Tom Brokaw and get into surreal mode with it… unintelligible but still in character… I nearly wreck my car from laughing every time. Funniest damned thing ever. Additionally, your take on George Takei is absolutely jaw dropping (not to diminish from anything else)… you sound more like him than he does! Cheers and all the best from the gulf south.

He does EVERYTHING, He goes from Captain Qwark to a few voice overs in Wall-E to the ice titan from that Hercules film. He also appears in every -Destroy All Humans games and In all Ratchet and Clank games. Take a look on wiki this guy is a Voice-over GOD TheRyano4ever 1 year ago

I laugh twice as hard when I see his face as I do when I simply hear him on the radio! Awesome job, Jim!

Jim’s *writing* is as good as his voice work, i.e., exceptional! His Emmy is well deserved. )